If you run a Michigan SEO firm , you know that writing is an integral part of what you do. And while some of you spend your precious time doing all the writing yourself, others have discovered that you can benefit from using a good copywriter. But for those of you who haven’t outsourced your writing yet, here are a few reasons why you should strongly consider it.

  • SEO/SEM does nothing for your client if their site doesn’t convert—You’re a master at getting your client out into the open. You’re setting them up so that all eyes are on them. What you do is extremely important. But at the same time, what good is it if your client is getting solid traffic but people won’t click through their site? Not only does their copy need to be optimized for the search engines, but it has to be compelling. Or else SEO/SEM is useless.
  • Copywriters know how to integrate keywords seamlessly—That said, a good copywriter will write compelling content without compromising the optimization of the text. Meaning, they know how to weave keywords throughout the copy while simultaneously engaging the reader. It really is an art. And without it, your content will end up sounding like robot-speak.
  • A copywriter will save you time—Especially for those of you who work on your own, your time is extremely valuable. You wear so many hats in your company that one more will cause you to collapse. And an SEO copywriter can take a large portion of your workload off your shoulders. As a result, you can focus on other aspects of the SEO/SEM game.
  • You aren’t a copywriter—I’m a copywriter. That said, I don’t try to convince anyone that I’m a search engine optimization expert or an SEM guy. For example, I’m not going to promise my clients that I’ll boost their search rankings. I’m not going to manage their PPC campaigns. What I offer is optimized content that gives you some necessary tools to get crawled as well as compel people to click that buy button.

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And you aren’t a copywriter. So let someone else handle those duties. Copy writing, like anything else, requires its own skill set. Whether it be web copy, press releases, SEO articles…whatever. Leave it to the professional. Contact us for detail or watch this video for clear understanding on SEO writing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zt7Rn5kcqA.

  • Offering copy writing services can help expand your business—I write for a handful of SEO/SEM guys who now specifically offer copy writing as one of their services. The result? More business. Some clients love the idea of having their copy written by a professional. In some cases, it could be what makes or breaks a deal. And what do you have to lose? You offer professional content, take a piece off the top, and pay your copywriter the rest. I’m happy because you handle the marketing. You’re happy because I handle the writing duties.
  • PPC ad copy can be tricky—If you offer PPC ad campaign management services, having a copywriter can boost your click-through rate. Sure there’s not much text involved, but that’s all the more reason to have a professional write it. You only have a line or two to convince people to pick you over all the other ads. So you have to make them count.

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